Stainless Steel

4 Guys is truly a Custom Manufacturer. They have grown increasingly popular in recent years for using only top quality stainless steel in all of their bodies. If your department has never owned a truck with a stainless steel body, you probably don't know all the benefits of stainless. That's not surprising, since most companies build their bodies from materials like mild steel or aluminum. 4 Guys uses all stainless steel for one very important reason, the truck will last longer.

What can rust do to a steel fire truck body? After ten years or so, the bottoms start to rust out of the compartments. The frame cross members rust through, making the body unstable. To be perfectly honest, steel turns to junk in a hurry.


Aluminum falls victim to corrosion or "white rust" just as quickly. And even when it's brand new, aluminum just doesn't have the strength of stainless steel. Some people are willing to trade that strength for lighter weight. They fail to realize that with its lower tensile strength, the aluminum used needs to be nearly twice as thick as our stainless, so the weight difference is minimal. Also, the only time that weight is really a consideration is when you're choosing your axles. When the truck is properly engineered, that small amount of extra weight is not an issue at all.

Stainless steel is different. It won't rust. We know it. We guarantee it. Why? Because stainless steel is an alloy that can't rust. Twenty years exposure to the elements won't even dull the shine. It's amazing, really.

That's why we can offer 4 Guys famous 30 year body warranty. We encourage you to compare our warranty to the rest of the fire apparatus industry. We don't believe you'll find a better apparatus warranty anywhere.

And yet with all these advantages, 4 Guys trucks are priced to compete with manufacturers who use cheaper materials.

Now that you have the facts, the real question isn't "Why Stainless?" but rather "Why even consider anything else?"

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